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A bean bag is a closed bag with dry beans, PVC pellets, expanded polystyrene, or expanded polypropylene inside. The bags are typically used for tossing games, but they may also be used for other purposes.

Beanbags were created in 1969 by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro for the Italian business Zanotta and have since become a worldwide recognized item of furniture. During their coffee and cigarette breaks, the employees were claimed to be sitting on styrofoam-filled bags. “Sacco,” a pear-shaped leather bag filled with styrofoam beans, was the first beanbag chair, and it is still in production today.

Leather, suede, corduroy, and imitation fur are just a few of the materials that may be used to make bean bags. Bean bags made of polyester are waterproof and may be used outside. Giant bean bags may also be used as a low-cost substitute for a sofa or couch.

Bean bags come in a range of sizes and shapes, including infant bean bags that are proven to soothe newborns with colic. They are also known to aid in the treatment of plagiocephaly, or flat head condition, in infants.

Ace Bayou Corp recalled 2.2 million bean bag chairs in the United States in August 2014 due to a design flaw that allowed youngsters to unzip the seats. After crawling into the seats and inhaling the foam beads, two youngsters died of asphyxia.

Politics ain’t beanbag! was a game described by Finley Peter Dunne at the start of the twentieth century as the opposite of roughness in politics.

Bean bag throw (or cornhole) is a game played with bean bags and two goals, comparable to horseshoes and quoits.

Footbag (also known as Hacky Sack, a trademark) is a ball-shaped bean bag used in a variety of activities.

Juggling with bean bags is also popular.

Beanbags are used to indicate the moment of a change of possession in gridiron football (where a punt or kickoff is caught, an interception is made, or a fumble occurs)

Small square bean bags are slid across the floor in a game similar to dodgeball, with the goal of hitting the opposing team’s members in the foot. As a safer alternative to dodgeball, the game is particularly popular in American primary schools.

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