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In this article, we have provided a guide to Convert DDS to PNG free online. There are many ways to convert DDS to PNG online. We have also mentioned some of the online softwares that convert DDS to PNG format.

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What is DDS?

DDS stands for DirectDraw Surface, which is a file format that is developed by Microsoft to store data with graphical textures, and a cubic environment. It uses the extension .dds. It is officially called Microsoft DirectDraw Surface and is a texture files type format.  

What is PNG?

A format that uses lossless bitmap image format, PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. It was first developed by PNG Development Group and uses the extension .png. It is one of the world’s most used image formats that is converted very easily and accessible almost anywhere.

It was created for the purpose to replace GIF format, and hence, does not support animation.  

How To Convert DDS Files To PNG Online?

To convert DDS files to PNG online, there are dozens of free online sites that will do the job in minutes. Use any of the programs or websites like Freeconvert, Convertio, Aconvert etc, that require no sign-in, process, and complete the conversion process free of cost.

They also provide other facilities for you to access and will do the task faster and smoother. Just select your images and leave the job to these professional sites.

DDS To PNG Conversion With Our DDS Example File:

Conversion of files to almost any format has become a rather easier process lately. Simply, enter the page and Look for the option to Choose your Files. Click on it and select your images from your file manager.

You can also access your Dropbox, Google Drive, and URL for the purpose. After that is done, click on the Convert button and wait till your converted images are delivered to your site. Then download them to save.

There Any Benefit To Using DDS Image On My Website?

A very common question while choosing the format type in any website is the reason to choose a particular format. With DDS you have the advantage of Ease of Integration, an excellent performance of efficiency and stability, Advanced Security options, access to QoS policies, and many other options.

It is for a reason that Microsoft developed this format especially for 3D games and real-time rendering applications.

Best Online DDS to PNG Converter:

1# Aconvert

To convert your DDS images in PNG format, follow the following short tutorial;

1.      Enter Aconvert DDS to PNG image/files converter by using the link:

2.      When you enter the page, the page consists of a functional menu bar on the top and other file options on the right-hand side.

3.      The menu bar has options for Convert, Icon, Compress, Resize, Crop, Merge, Rotate and Effect.

4.      The right-hand side file menu has options for Home, PDF, Document, Ebook, Image, Video, Audio, Archive, and Webpage

5.      In the middle portion where it says DDS to PNG – Convert image online, look down to see the option for Choose File.

6.      On the right side there is a drop-down menu for uploading your files from other sites too, i.e. Local File, Online File, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

7.      Then in the Target Format option, select the format PNG among many other format options.

8.      On the Resize image option, you have the option to Keep the Original image size or change it with image height, width, height only, width only, or percentage of the original.

9.      After you have done editing the image result options, click on the blue button for Convert now.

10.   Your converted images will load in the Conversion Results section as an output file.    


Aconvert is not just an online website but is also an app that will come in handy at any time whether you’re online or offline on your desktop.

With tools and applications varying from different sources to formats, it is a site consisting of many programs for users worldwide.

2# is your all-in-one image and video converter/compressor where you can find options of conversion for more than one tool.

1.      To enter the home page, follow the link:

2.      You will first find a lot of information on the page relating to many of its features. Go through them

3.      Right in the middle, there is a small box form image/file conversion.

4.      Under Online Video Converter & Audio Converter, there are two boxes for conversion. Use the right box to select the DDS format and the left box to select PNG format.

5.      Under them, is a blue button for Choose Files. Click on it to open the file manager, from where you can choose your image files.

6.      You also have the option to choose your files from Dropbox or Google drive, simply by pressing the Dropbox and Google drive icons present right below the Choose Files button.

7.      After you are done selecting, click on the blue button for Convert.

8.      Your result images will be shown right below the convert box.


The other online tools that supports are conversions for other formats, Video Converter, Video Compressor, Video Editor, Audio Converter, Audio Compressor, Audio Cutter, GIF Maker, YouTube Thumbnail and Image Resizer.

All of its tools are completely free and available to the public for online use. You also have the option for signing up and logging in for better experiences. Their products are in use by over 150 Countries globally and are constantly dedicating their working goals to improve their platform.


1.      Use this link: to enter home page.

2.      Then right under the selection of DDS Files option, the Choose File option is provided from where you can choose your files from the file manager, Dropbox and Google Drive.

3.      If none of these options are useful, simply copy the URL of the image file that needs to be converted and enter it below on the URL box for DDS conversion.

4.     After the selection process is over, scroll below to select the conversion formats. In this case, it is DDS to PNG.

5.      Select the option for Use only Text from DDS or Use OCR by ticking on your favored option.

6.      Finally click on Convert Now button.

7.      Let the images load for about 3-5 minutes depending on the number of images chosen.

8.      When all of your images are converted download them to your system or save them in a file.


4# youconvertit

For nothing is more important than the satisfaction of the user while using their site. The site is very simple and easy to understand, and they have varieties of information regarding other conversion methods and formats too.

1. Copy and paste the link in your address bar to enter the page.

2.      Right at the front of the page, there is a bar option to Upload your DDS file from your device to be converted.

3.      Click on the purple Choose a file button to open your file manager

4.      Select images to be converted within the limit of 100 MB max.

5.      Drag and drop the images on the upload bar

6.      When you’re ready, click on the Convert button and wait for a few minutes.

7.      Leave it to the site’s team to professionally convert your images from the DDS format to PNG format. After a few minutes, your images will be delivered and you can download or save them in a file.


When it comes to file conversion, YourConvertit vows to deliver nothing but the best results with the best image quality conversion Available online. Being a Completely Free isle, it requires no login or sign process unless you’re willing to use the site for any further conversions.

No Software Installations are needed as all of its services are completely free users may use it for their use as many times as they want.

Convert DDS to PNG With MAC Preview:

For conversion of files from DDS to PNG with Mac Preview, use the following steps:

1.      Open your DDS files with MAC preview

2.      Then go to File. Click on it.

3.      On the drop-down menu, select Export.

4.      Find and select PNG

5.      At the end click on Save.

How To Convert DDS To PNG In Adobe Photoshop?

For conversion of DDS to PNG in Adobe Photoshop, use the following steps:

1. Enter Adobe Photoshop to run the app

2. Then Drag and drop your DDS file to open it

3. Click on File. Click on Save as.

4. After Selecting PNG as the output format, click on Save.

5. Tweak PNG settings

6. At the end, Click OK to save your settings.

Final Word

Generally, all of the information regarding the conversion from one format to another are provided on the site that you are using for conversion. DDS to PNG Based on the work efficiency, simplicity, ease of understanding, and Smooth Function,

it is important to know what kind of converter is to be used to convert your files safely and successfully. With the given article, it is now easier to know about various converters available online and how they function.

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