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GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is an image format animated in the smallest file size. To put it specifically, they are a series of images or soundless video that will loop continuously and doesn’t require anyone to press play. They are available almost anywhere and you can easily create them on software and applications.

They use lossless compression that does not degrade the quality of the image. They are often easiest to convert into other formats via online or desktop converters.

What is PNG?

PNG stands for Portable Graphic Format. It is the most widely used, common, and valuable image format that is currently used by everyone globally. It supports transparency, which is a very important and critical element of web design.

Transparency lets you structure images so that they don’t conflict with each other while retaining a consistent design framework on your website. It is also described as an uncompressed raster image format on the internet that is used frequently everywhere. They were created to replace GIFs which stands for Graphics Interchange Format.

GIF to PNG conversion with our GIF example file:

For any kind of conversion be it HEIC to PNG or GIF to PNG, it needs a converter that is reliable and dependent. If the converter sites available online fulfills all requirements of safety and security of the files, then it is safe to use. Sites like Free Convert and are easily available. They also have safe policies like deleting data files as soon as they are uploaded or within a time span of 2 -3 hours.

For conversions, you need to upload your files on the area that asks for files or by clicking on the button that says choose files. Then you need to choose the files that are to be uploaded. Wait for a few minutes depending on the server connection and the number of files that have been chosen. Your files will be Successfully Converted from their old GIF to PNG format. Collect your converted files from the download section.

The same routine applies to almost all of the sites present online, with the exception of the facilities to convert a variety of other files and formats. You can even manually arrange Additional Settings on some sites.

Best online GIF to PNG Converter

Although we cannot pinpoint just one site as the best online GIF to PNG converter, here are some of the sites that are available online.

      #1 Soda PDF Online

With no software installation needed, Soda PDF Online is one of the fastest and free media converters online. You can do a number of different tasks of conversion on this site in a short period of time.

Step 1: Enter the homepage using the URL given:

Step 2: As soon as you enter the home page, scroll down to find the neon box area where you can upload your files.

Step 3: There is a red button that says Choose Files. Click on it to upload files.

Step 4: Your File Explorer will open up allowing you to choose the files that you want to convert.

Step 5: Drag and drop your files on the neon area to upload them.

Step 6: There is also an option for Dropbox and Google Drive where you can upload your files.

Step 7: Once you’re done uploading, it will automatically start converting your files to PNG format.

Step 8: Collect your uploaded files by downloading them.

Step 9: If you cannot download your files, Soda PDF Online will send you a link that will help you access your files for 24 hours.

Step 10: If you are working offline, get the desktop version to get your conversion work done smoothly.

Step 11: For more queries, you can always contact the team via email. Their response is generally instant and they help to solve your problems on the go.


 #2 Browserling opens up with a page that has a short description about the website and a dropbox to get started with converting your images and files. It is the world’s easiest and simplest converter to use and you can visit the site with this URL:

As soon as you hit enter a page will show up with a blue box where you can drag and drop files from the Choose Files button. There is also an option for a direct GIF Uploader right below the Choose Files button.

After you have chosen the files that you want to get converted, click on the Convert to PNG button that is present very below the Blue box. It will take up a few minutes but will get it done in a short period of time.

You can then collect your converted images in the lower section of the page by downloading them. Files that are converted have high quality and are easily available. Also, all the data are removed in a span of 2-3 hours that secures absolute privacy and helps to keep the site safe.


#3 OnlinePNGTools

OnlinePNGTools is easy to use and access. The site is an online site that consists of a variety of options to convert your files like video, documents, or images into another different format.

Step 1: Enter the home page of OnlinePNGTools using the link given here:

Step 2: There are a variety of options given right at the starting page. Choose the option for Convert GIF to PNG. For other file formats, you can choose any of the blue boxes given on the page.

Step 3: A page will come up with two separate boxes. One is for uploading your GIF file to get converted. And the other one is for the PNG file that is the result.


Step 4: Upload your Files on the GIF box by clicking on the area Click to select an image. You can also Import your Files from the option of Import from a file on the right corner of the box.

Step 5: The box consists of Save and Copy to Clipboard to save and copy the files you chose to upload.

Step 6: As soon as you upload your files, they will get converted on the PNG box as PNG files. The process takes up to 2-3 minutes depending on the number of files, your server connection, and the functioning of your source.

Step 7: Collect your converted images/files from the PNG box.

Step 8: Use the box area below the GIF and PNG boxes for additional settings. You can fix manual settings for GIF extraction options and Gif Animation options.


   #4 FreeConvert

Step 1: Use this link:  to enter the main page of Free Convert.

Step 2: Under the box area, click on the Choose file button to upload your files by dragging them to the area that says Drop your files here.


Step 3: Your file explorer window will open up and you need to choose the images you need for conversion.

Step 4: The maximum size is 1GB. You can also upload by using the drop-down menu next to Choose Files. It includes options for Device Dropbox, Device, Google Drive, and URL.

Step 5: Click on the Convert to PNG button.

Step 6: Wait for your files to get converted by the team of FreeConvert.

Step 7: Finally after your files are converted, download them from the Converted PNG image section.

Additionally, you can make further different choices as well on the Additional settings menu. Click on the drop-down menu next to Additional Settings to have the settings page.

There are options for Resize Output Image, Compression level, Image Quality, and the choice to make the color transparent.

GIF to PNG is owned and operated by TRMedia Inc, a company that prides itself on being a 100% remote workplace. You can always contact the team with the support center and by sending a direct message on their mail.

They serve about 1.5 million visitors every month who Convert 100,000+ Files Daily using more than 1000 file conversion tools. This amounts to about 70 file conversions each minute.

Final Word:

The sites that are mentioned above are known as some of the best sites online that converts GIFS to PNG easily. You can find it online any time you look for one. You also have the option to convert files from HEIC Formats to other formats like WEBP, SVG, BMP, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PDF, etc.

Their goal is to make it simple and fast to convert one file format to another. There are various Chrome Extensions Available on the Chrome store for the conversion of images from formats like GIFS to PNG.

They are easy to use, available online, and come along free as well. With the proper help of the support team from any of the sites, you can resolve issues that may come upon while converting. Just be sure that the privacy of your files is confirmed and that the site on use is a known site.

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