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Also known as the TARGA, TGA is a raster graphic file format; storing image data with 8, 15, 16, 24 even 32 bits per pixel. TGA formats are different that other image format which is why it is often chosen to support high quality and true colours. Since it can store high image quality, it is widely used in video editing and image synthesis.

What is PNG?

PNG stands for Portable Graphic Format. It is the most widely used, common and valuable image format that is currently used by everyone globally. It supports transparency, which is a very important and critical element of web design.

Transparency lets you structure images so that they don’t conflict with each other while retaining a consistent design framework on your website.

It is also described as an uncompressed raster image format on the internet that is used frequently everywhere. They were created to replace GIFs which stands for Graphics Interchange Format.

TGA to PNG conversion with our TGA Example File

To convert TGA to PNG with any of the conversion tools given online, desktop or via software is quite simple and easy as they are easy to use and process.

Software and programs have the capacity to complete any conversion process is a short span of time and with good quality results.

For conversion of a TGA file to PNG simply go to your browser address bar and look up for software or a program that does the task offline. If you’re looking for an easy and faster approach, simply go online using one among the given online tools below.

In the area that says upload your files, choose the images or files that you want to get converted and click on Convert to PNG. In a very short time you will get the end results that you may collect by downloading them.

The process is same for all tools available online as well as some desktop programs offline.

Is there any benefit to using TGA image on my website?

TGA file formats are well developed and well defined file format that is in use globally. They support high graphics and image quality which is why they are so popular. If you need a file format that supports videos or images that have higher resolutions, you may consider using this file format in your website.

It also supports true colours so your website looks much more appealing and professional. If in case you need to go back to other file format, you can easily convert your images using online sites.

Best online TGA to PNG Converter

#1 Pixillion Image Converter

Since TGA files are not supported by all applications, many people prefer a certain program of some sort to help convert their TGA files to PNG.

Pixillion Image Converter

With the help of the Pixillion Image Converter, it has helped people save the trouble of going through unnecessary downloads and installations and instead complete their task in a span of minutes. To do this, you need to follow the following:

Step 1: Enter the home page of Pixillion Image Converter.

Step 2: You will go through a bunch of instructions and information about different file formats and the process of conversion in the page itself.

Step 3: In the Drag and Drop area, upload your files that you need to get converted by clicking on Choose Files.

Step 4: Your File Manager opens up, here choose the files that you want to get converted and click on done.

Step 5: After that, click on Convert to PNG and wait.

Step 6: In a period of about 5 minutes, your images/ files will be converted to PNG.

Step 7: Collect your converted images by downloading them to your pc.

Remember that it may take up more than 5 minutes to get all your files converted depending on the number of files, the amount and quality, and your server connection.

Pixillion Image Converter is one among the active File converters that has a variety of options for image conversions including documents, PDF and video conversions. It is widely used and holds a history of being the most chosen converter globally.

#2 Onlineconvertfree

Onlineconvertfree opens up to a webpage that consists of a widely variable menu bar and if you scroll down, you will find the blue area of conversion.


Step 1: Enter the home page using the following link:

Step 2: Scroll down to find the blue area of conversion

Step 3: Click on the black button for Choose Files.

Step 4: Your File Manager will open up where you need to choose the images and drag and drop them to the blue area.

Step 5: Click on the Convert to PNG and your files will be converted to PNG format within few minutes.

Your images will be converted in a short time but might take longer with respect to the given circumstances. Onlineconvertfree has been a leading source for many users online to convert their files into any format that they want.

It is also very popular because of its privacy policies and security measures that including deleting conversion history in a time interval of 2-3 hours of uploading.

#3 Zamzar

Since 2006 has successfully converted more than 510 million files that mark the professionalism and global acknowledgement. It is an easy site available online for anybody’s use.


Step 1: Use the URL to enter the home page.

Step 2: A horizontal flowchart with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 will be seen with details to the steps.

Step 3: Start with no. 1. A green box that says Add Files is just below the number. Click on it.

Step 4: You file explorer window will open and you need to choose the images within for upload. There is also an option for selecting the link or the URL of the image. Max file size is 50 MB.

Step 5: Drag and drop the files for conversion.

Step 6: You will be directed to no. 2. Choose the conversion format on the box. In this case, choose PNG from the drop down menu of the Convert To box.

Step 7: Click on Convert Now on no. 3 and your images and files will be converted to the format you want.

The converted images may be sent in e-mail as per the request of the user. The site also consists of detailed information on every format and provides all the help you will need to convert your images and files to a different format.

#4 Convertio

The extension also helps you to convert your TGA files to PNG at any time. When you first enter the page, it will ask you for an extension installation. You can also use the site address on you address bar.

How to Convert

Step 1: A red button will have the option for you to select files from Computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL or by dragging it on the page. A maximum of 100 MB can be selected or you will need to sign up.

Step 2: Choose png or any format you need to be converted. Step 3: The team will take over the conversion process and you need to only download the files that are converted.

There is also an option for you to convert PNG files to TGA any many other file format based on your preferences. Convertico is ranked as among the 1000 most visited sites in the world.

Convert TGA to PNG with Mac Preview

To convert files from TGA to PNG with Mac Preview, follow the following:

Convert TGA to PNG with Mac Preview
  1. Open TGA files with MAC preview
  2. Go to File and click on it.
  3. On the drop down menu click on Export.
  4. Select PNG as the output
  5. Finally click on Save to convert TGA to PNG in MAC Preview.

How to Convert TGA to PNG in Adobe Photoshop?

To convert TGA to PNG in Adobe Photoshop, follow the following:

  1. Go to Adobe Photoshop and run the app
  2. Drag and drop the TGA file for opening
  3. Go to File and click on Save as
  4. Select PNG as the output format.
  5. Click Save
  6. Tweak PNG settings
  7. Finally Click on OK to save the PNG settings.

Final Word

The sites that are mentioned above are known as one of the best sites online that converts GIFS to PNG easily.

You can find it online any time you look for one. You also have the option to convert files from one to other format like WEBP, SVG, BMP, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PDF etc. Their goal is to make it simple and fast to convert one file format to another.

There are various Chrome Extensions available on the Chrome store for conversion of images from format like GIFS to PNG. They are easy to use, available online and come along free as well. With the proper help of the support team from any of the site, you can resolve issues that may come upon while converting.

Just be sure that the privacy of your files is confirmed and that the site on use is a known site.

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