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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is a video game franchise created by Ubisoft and based on the 1998 novel Rainbow Six by American novelist Tom Clancy. The games and the franchise revolve around “Rainbow,” a fictitious international counter-terrorist squad.

Red Storm Entertainment created the first game while the novel was being written. Red Storm was eventually bought by Ubisoft, who continues to publish the games, while Gameloft develops and publishes the mobile phone versions.

The first game in the Rainbow Six series, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, is a tactical shooter video game. Red Storm Entertainment created and released it for Microsoft Windows in 1998. It was released on Mac OS, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Dreamcast, and Game Boy Color, among other platforms.

The player progresses through a series of situations in single-player by completing tasks in a campaign. Every mission begins with a briefing stage where the player may select their equipment, plan their assaults, and build the storyline. During each operation, the player has direct control over one team member and has the ability to take control of any living operative. Any casualties, however, will not be usable in future missions until the mission is reset. In multiplayer, two teams of players compete against each other to fulfill objectives that vary based on the game mode.

Despite being a tough game, Rainbow Six earned great reviews from critics on PC, with acclaim for its aural representation and immersive sensation. The console versions, on the other hand, garnered worse reviews. It sold almost 200,000 copies in its first year, generating $8.86 million in sales.

On January 31, 1999, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mission Pack: Eagle Watch was published as an expansion pack. Sony announced on October 29, 2018 that the game will be one of 20 pre-loaded titles for the PlayStation Classic (except Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong), which was launched on December 3, 2018.

Rainbow Six is a tactical shooter that explores the lethality of a single gunshot, focusing more on stealth and strategy than overwhelming firepower. All in-game characters, including terrorists, hostages, and Rainbow operatives, can be injured or killed in fractions of a second with only one or two rounds, adding to the realism. Before the player becomes acclimated to the action, tools like heavier body armor, automatic guns, and grenades are of limited use.

A planning stage precedes each mission, during which the player is briefed and then selects the operatives to be participating in the task, as well as their weapons, equipment, and uniform/camouflage. The player creates instructions and waypoints in this stage. The AI-controlled squads’ course during the mission, as well as where they will deploy gadgets like flashbangs or door breaching charges, were all set during the planning stage.

Successful missions can last only a few minutes, but they may need dozens of repeats and modifications in design (many more for beginners). During games, the user has direct control of only one team member, and the heads-up display shows stats for that individual as well as all troops. Teams that are not controlled by players obey the commands provided to them during the planning stage. At any time, the player can take command of any live operative and make them the leader.

The game is divided into a campaign, which consists of a succession of scenarios, with the story progressing through each scenario’s mission briefing. Any mission-related casualties are permanent, therefore the dead cannot be employed in future operations. As a result, many gamers redo technically successful missions only to lower the number of victims.

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