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To begin with, WebP is an image format developed by Google. It first came around in the year 2010. It is a format that allows users to save their image in lossy or lossless format. Like HEIC format it can be compressed into smaller size and the claims made by Google itself are that it can be compressed to 34%smaller than the JPEG and PNG files format.

What is WebP? A guide for beginners

With the decrease in size, web speed will be increased that will eventually increase work efficiency. In comparison to WebP, PNG or ping is a format that saves raster images on computer.

It is a format created to replace the .GIF format which is why it uses indexed colors and lossless compressions but cannot be animated like .GIF. The compression process of a WebP works with a technique of prediction.

Each block of pixels is predicted based on other blocks of pixels surrounding it. The difference between the prediction and reality is then encoded. WebP lossless compression works by using parts of the image that have already been analyzed to construct other parts of the image.

Due to the efficiency of the prediction technique many of the blocks contain a zero difference which results in greater compression and thus a smaller file size.

The compression technique is important because, despite being a popular medium of format, it isn’t universally acknowledged.

Therefore the older versions of windows and other software may not be able to use this format. That is why it needs to be converted to the PNG format. 

Is WebP better than PNG?

Besides WebP, PNG is the most widely used, common and valuable image format that is currently used by everyone globally.

It supports transparency, which is a very important and critical element of web design. Transparency lets you structure images so that they don’t conflict with each other while retaining a consistent design framework on your website.

WebP supports transparency as well while adding many other benefits to the PNG format. It offers 26% smaller file sizes than PNG, while still providing transparency and the same quality. It also loads faster than PNG images.

With the advantage of WebP images will load faster on Chrome provided with extensions.

In their own fields, both PNG and WebP have a greater importance as both are greatly required by the users on different occasions.

We cannot pinpoint to just one format as the better one, however, with the varying fields of expansion and compatibility, WebP has indeed been starting to take a lead and become the most chosen format for users across the world. 

Is there any benefit to using WebP images on my website?

Using WebP images on your website will eventually help you load your website faster, consume lesser space and increase work efficiency.

Best online WebP to PNG Converter

#1 cloudconvert.com

The CloudConvert home screen consists of the page where you can upload your images of files to have them converted.

online WebP to PNG Converter

Step 1: Enter the CloudConvert home page.

Step 2: You will see a red button that says Select File. Next to it is a drop down menu.

Step 3: Click on the menu and you will see the options to load your files from. They are Computer, URL, Google Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive. Click on any of them

Step 4: Upload your files from the respective source. The conversion box is pre-set to WEBP and PNG.

Step 5: Additional settings can be done using the Options box just below the button. It consists of Width, Height, Fit, Strip and Quality. Make these choices based on your wishes.

Step 6: Now wait for the site to convert your files for you. It will take a short time to process.

Step 7: Download the files that have been converted and sent to you one by one.

#2 ezgif.com

EZGIF.com is an online site that consists of variety of options to convert your files like video, documents or images into other different format. The site is easy to use and access.


Step 1: Enter the home page of EZGIF.com using the link given above.

Step 2: Under the section of Select image, click on the Choose file button to upload your files.

Step 3: Your file explorer window will open up and you need to choose the images you need for conversion.

Step 4: The maximum size is 35MB. You can also paste the URL of the image in the URL box.

Step 5: Click on the Upload button.

Step 6: Wait for your files to get converted by the team of EZGIF.com.

Step 7: Finally after your files are converted, download them from the Converted PNG image section. Additionally, you can make further different choices as well like converting Video to GIF, Rotating, Resizing, Reverse, and Optimization and add Effects too.

#3 image.online-convert.com

With no software installation needed, Online Convert is one of the fastest and free media converter online. You can do a number of different tasks of conversion on this site in a short period of time.

Step 1: Enter the homepage using the URL given above.

Step 2: As soon as you enter the home page, scroll down to find the Green box area where you can upload your files.

Step 3: There is a black button that says Choose Files. Click on it to upload files.

Step 4: There is also an option for Enter URL, Dropbox and Google Drive from which you can upload your files.

Step 5: Drag and drop your files on the Green area that says Drop Files Here to upload them

Step 6: For further settings use the Optional Settings panel.

Step 7: Make your settings for

  • Quality settings
  • Change size
  • Colour
  • Enhance
  • DPI
  • Crop pixels from
  • And Black and white threshold.

Step 8: Save your settings and enter your name on the Name box to save them

Step 9: Click on the Start Conversion button.

Step 10: Wait for your images to get converted and collect then from the Download section

#4 Zamzar.com

Since 2006 Zamzar.com has successfully converted more than 510 million files that marks the professionalism and global acknowledgement. It is an easy site available online for anybody’s use.


Step 1: Use the URL to enter the Zamzar.com home page.

Step 2: A horizontal flowchart with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 will be seen with details to the steps.

Step 3: Start with no. 1. A green box that says Add Files is just below the number. Click on it.

Step 4: You file explorer window will open and you need to choose the images within for upload. There is also an option for selecting the link or the URL of the image. Max file size is 50 MB.

Step 5: Drag and drop the files for conversion.

Step 6: You will be directed to no. 2. Choose the conversion format on the box. In this case, choose PNG from the drop down menu of the Convert To box.

Step 7: Click on Convert Now on no. 3 and your images and files will be converted to the format you want.

The converted images may be sent in e-mail as per the request of the user. The site also consists of detailed information on every format and provides all the help you will need to convert your images and files to a different format.

#5 Aspose.app


Step 1: Enter the home page of aspose.app using the link given above.

Step 2: You will need to use the Choose file button to upload your files.

Step 3: Your file explorer window will open up and you need to choose the images you need for conversion.

Step 4: The maximum size is 35MB. You can also paste the URL of the image in the URL box.

Step 5: Click on the Upload button.

Step 6: Wait for your files to get converted by the team of aspose.app. it rarely takes time and is faster that other sites.

Step 7: Finally after your files are converted, download them from the Converted PNG image section.

You can also perform various conversions on the app for documents and web projects.

WebP to PNG Chrome extension

There are various Chrome Extensions available on the Chrome store for conversion of images from format like WebP to PNG. They are easily available and do not cost much at all.

Generally, these extensions are free for use. Adding it to the Chrome makes it even easier to use.

Usually, if you install those extensions and actually use the WebP format, your websites will load faster and function much smoother in comparison to other formats.

Final Words

With the proper help of the support team from any of the site, you can resolve issues that may come upon while converting.

Just be sure that the privacy of your files is confirmed and that the site on use is a known site. Converting your file is not a difficult job if you know how to deal with the technical problems that may come upon although that is rare.

With the help of these sites and more additional extensions and tools you will be easily able to compress your WebP images and files to PNG, according to your choices.

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